soft packaging solvent free plastic-plastic compound equipment

Equipment appearance

Advantages of technology

  • In compound material, no solvent residual, especially as to meet the requirements of modern health of food and pharmaceutical packaging.
  • In the production process theres no volatile solvent emissions, no pollution to the atmospheric environment, excellent production environment.
  • Because they do not use the conventional drying system, therefore can significantly reduce energy consumption, low production cost.
  • Coating glue and total cost has certain decrease than existing technology.
  • Machine speed fast, small footprint, no fire and explosion risk.

Solvent-free compound compared with solvent-based compound, water-based compound

Item Solvent-based compound Water-based compound Solvent-free compound
Offer glue Artificial mixing Sometimes artificial mixing Automatic
Coating Anilox roll Anilox roll Smooth roll
Coating weight Not adjustment online Not adjustment online Adjustment online
Drying Have drying tunnel Have drying tunnel/high temperature No drying tunnel
Speed Intermediate speed Intermediate and low speed High speed
Winding /Unwinding Artificial /semi-automatic Artificial /semi-automatic Artificial /semi-automatic
Cleaning Anilox roll/glue tray Anilox roll/glue tray Smooth roll
Degree of automation Intermediate Intermediate High

Machine Speed compare

Energy Consumption compare

Residual Solvents compare

The range of composite material and the requirement of surface tension

Solvent-free plastic- plastic laminating machine can be composite substrates are mainly

BOPPPETNylonCPPPEVMPETVMCPPPVCpaper,etc,base material is generally applied thickness in 7um-120um (According to the equipment).

The surface tension of the BOPP, PE, CPP, VMCPP general than 38 dyne;

PET film surface tension must be more than 48 dyne;

BOPA(NY)PVDC and so on must up to 52 dyne.

Solvent-free plastic- plastic laminating machine equipment principle

Solvent-free plastic- plastic laminating machine compound process diagram

Solvent-free plastic- plastic laminating machine specification

Item Parameters
Compound speed 10-400m/minAccording to base material, glue features)
Compound width 600mm-1050mm
Unwinding diameter(Max) 800
Winding diameter(Max) 1000
Base width(Max) 1050mm
Paper tube length(Max) 1050mm
Paper tube standard Inner diameter 76mmOuter diameter92mm
Winding paper core 3 Inches
Guide roller length 1100mm
Coating weight 0.72.7g/m2
Composite pressure 700kg/Full width
Composite roll temperature 560
Preheat roll temperature 550
Total Power About 45KW
Power supply Three-phase five-wire 380V 50Hz
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Equipment weight About 6000KG
Equipment size 6000mm3000mm2500mm(LWH)

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